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JDA is a computer software consulting firm located in Baltimore, Maryland. We specialize in Microsoft FoxPro application development, SBT accounting library software, and Medsoft Deluxe Medical Office Manager. Our areas of expertise include database management, financial and accounting systems in a DOS and Windows networked environment. We assist the small business client in translating computer technology into business solutions. We provide maintenance support for companies that are without their own data processing support group. We specialize in designing and developing database applications for organizations when there isn't an "off the shelf" solution. We are also doing HTML Web pages for the Internet.

[-SBT Logo-] SBT Accounting Library

JD&A is proud to be one of the 4,000 local resellers for the SBT library of modular accounting software. SBT is one of the few products on the market today that comes complete with source code. It is also "Internet aware" with a module that utilizes the Internet for sales orders. This allows the product to be customized to fit the business or organization and not the other way around.

[-Medsoft Logo-] Optimzier Medical Office Manager Software

Medical software products that exceed the challenges of today's medical offices, are easy to use, and reflect the latest in technologies. The Measured Care tools give practices new valuable information which can be useful in negotiating contracts with MCO's.

Optimizer is a medical billing program targeted at offices with three to 25 physicians. First released in 1985, it is used in over 1000 clinics and medical offices covering all specialties. It speeds client and insurance company billings and reimbursements, and increases the efficiency of associated administrative operations. Our unique Measure Care feature set gives physicians a competitive advantagewhen negotiating fees and services with corporate groups and managed care organizations.

The program features automatic insurance billing, open item and balance forward billing, billing cycles, pop-up window searches of all libraries, and CPT, ICD9, and RBRVS code searches. It accommodates multiple guarantors and insurance companies, unlimited patient notes, fee schedules, finance charges, and up to 1000 providers. Optimizer can determine what the patient and the insurance company owe at the time of the patient's visit, based on the insurance deductible. A custom report generator lets users create reports using any information in the system.

Optimizer links with these additional MEDSOFT programs for complete medical office automation:

MEDSOFT also offers a product called Remedy, which is a medical billing program, targeted at offices with one to two physicians, and is designed to provide small practices with large practice functionality. Demos are available for both products.

[-Fox Icon-] Microsoft® FoxPro

Microsoft Visual Foxpro® for Windows and FoxPro version 2.6 for DOS provide easy access to relational features for users and raw power for developers. It's simply the fastest relational database management system (RDBMS) for the DOS and Windows operating system.

[-Fox Icon-] Foxpro Technical Help

Access the Microsoft® FoxPro® and FoxBase® Knowledge Base.

[-Icon-] FoxPro Yellow Pages

A good place to look for addtional FoxPro resources that are available on the Web.

[-MSDN Icon-] MS Developer Network

Developing applications for Microsoft® Windows® is much easier if you have the right information and toolkits. The Microsoft Developer Network is a membership program that streamlines your access to Microsoft development information and technology.

[-Win95 Icon-] News on Windows 98

The Microsoft® Windows® 98 operating system makes computers easier to use. It's easier to learn so it makes sharing ideas easier and getting work done easier. Windows 98 simplifies common support tasks. It gives more control over installation options, configuration options and desktop security. It also provides more support for system management applications. Windows 98 is the successor to MS-DOS®, Windows® 3.1, Windows® for Workgroups, and Windows 95. It's designed for a safe and smooth migration.

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